Proven quality through professionalism and dedication

After 30 years of successful work in the field of trading parts for agricultural and communal machines, we can boast of an enviable number of domestic clients, excellent cooperation with foreign partners and suppliers, stable supply of a large number of products we have in stock and efficient and fast service to clients who always they can fully count on us.

Our mission is to provide our services and the highest quality of our products, continuous growth and development to farmers, companies, but also to our society through top quality, commitment, humanity and efficiency.

We believe in people

We believe that each individual is an important part of the common good and that each of us contributes to the world around us through personal growth and development, dedication and values. The values ​​on which we build our vision, business and relationships are the ones we live on a personal and professional level every day.

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The relationship we build with ourselves and others is the foundation of our success. What we want, for every person to feel in communication with us is, above all, respect and support.


Positive energy, respect and a shared vision are the engine of our development and the values ​​we provide to our clients, associates and partners.


Excellence is motivation, but above all the leading value towards which we direct development and nurture quality. Professionalism is the ethics of our service and offer.


Healthy ambition is essential for the growth of both, one person and the collective. With positive direction and smart management, we believe that we create a better society and the best results.

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Continuous growth is the engine of our story


Guided by strong personal values ​​- integrity, honesty and professionalism, Krivokuća Branko, our founder and father of the family that is the core of our business, embarks on an entrepreneurial endeavor.

Partnership as the basis of all relationships

We become general representatives of the prestigious Walterscheid brand, based on which our and all future cooperation is built as the highest quality partnership full of mutual respect, mutual growth and friendship.

Our team is our strongest link

With the growth of our business, we have defined one of our key principles in which each member of our team is the most important link in our system. From a small family business,, we have
become a developing company.

Expanding our capacities

By opening our headquarters and warehouse space in our country, we are developing our capacities in accordance with our vision.


Establishing a vision and development plan for the future, with annual growth of over 50% this year.

Growth in all fields is our motivation, but also our goal

This is how the last years of our business look like, if we talk about profitability.

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Our vision

Continuous growth and development is the motto we cherish in our relationships, our business and life. Our vision is to be the force of the best with the highest quality service, top quality products and a relationship full of respect, appreciation and support.

Each micro segment makes the system, and the world, better when is directed in a positive and smart way.

By developing a system that sees the challenge as an opportunity and every individual, who is ready at the highest level to contribute, provide professional support and service at the level of excellence, we plan to be the engine of development of our society and region.

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Stockroom of over 2000m2

Our stockroom, of over 2000 m2, approximate value over 1 million euros and continuous growth, covers 90% of our clients needs, which we can fulfill within 24 hours on the territory of the whole Serbia. For emergency situations and special needs of clients, we order goods from our foreign suppliers and deliver them within 2 weeks. All spare parts from our assortment are delivered by express mail, door to door, or if it is a larger shipment, we use our trucks and deliver personally.

Product range

Our offering, service and support put the wind behind the best for superior results, efficiency, returns and growth.

The service of agricultural cardan shafts is the main activity of our service.

Each of the employees in the commercial sector is fully trained and qualified to work in our service and ready to help in the service if the scope of work requires it. We usually complete the service of cardan shafts within half an hour.

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