Assortment and services

Our clients' needs inspire us to always be better, faster and more efficient.

By choosing to support your efficiency with our services, focus on what is most important to you and success, we set high standards every day and improve our range and service in the best possible way to respond quickly and efficiently to your needs, improve your business and help you when is the most necessary, because we know how precious is every moment in production, agriculture and logistics.

Product categories:

  • Parts for attachment machines
  • Parts for tractors and combines
  • Cardans and cardan parts
  • Utility machines
  • Animal husbandry
  • Filters and oils
  • Chains
  • Bearings
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At our headquarters, JNA 47 Sirig, you have the opportunity to find everything you need for your agricultural machinery in one place. To explore the rich assortment of products from the world’s best brands, but also to consult with our colleagues who are there just for you. In addition to the opportunity to make a purchase in our showroom, we are here to support you continuously through the commitment of our sallers to your needs and business.

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Import of spare parts

The highest quality products and the import of spare parts for agricultural machines of the largest renowned global brands are the priority of our offer. Availability of only the highest quality products and solutions to our customers is what we are committed to.

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The best service

Speed, courtesy and efficiency are the keys to our service. Constituent parts of good service MIKRON doo are useful advice from our experts, accurate and fast delivery, ordering specific parts in case of extraordinary customer needs and our decision to always put the customer's needs first but also the business of our clients. We prove quality through professionalism and dedication.

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Over 12,000 items are currently the basis of our continuously growing stock. The most important thing for us is that we can respond to the needs of our clients in the fastest way at any time. The availability of the highest quality products and quick solutions are what you will find with us.

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Cardan service

The fact is that malfunctions and breakages occur when the machines are at their busiest and that it is of great importance to return the machine to operation as soon as possible, our experts in the repair service approach the repair immediately after detecting the malfunction and deliver the repaired cardan in the shortest possible time, very often in less than an hour.

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